Our Team

Whatever you decide, whatever your need might be, we will give it 100%

We are full-service marketing that wants to help you improve your marketing, to win and keep more customers. We work closely with our customers to help them achieve and maintain their marketing goals. We provide all the support and commitment to communicate the marketing plan agreed upon by customers in a strategic, creative and profitable way with tactics that make it manageable, measurable and rewarding.


We understand that finding the right marketing agency to work with can be a challenge. And, if you have two separate companies to serve as a link between that, it can be time consuming and frustrating.

What we do is, take this problem away!

Our perfect combination of internal skills means you never lose anything in the transaction. For us, it’s not about being online or offline, digital or traditional, it’s about placing your products or services in front of your ideal target audience. After all, it does not make sense to be on Instagram if your potential customers are using LinkedIn right?


We really like to know our customers and understand their business, in fact, in most cases; we become an extended part of their internal team – their external marketing department. We are happy to work with you to carry out specific projects and marketing or long-term campaigns.



Brandie is an experienced consultant and certified coach and also an experienced entrepreneur. She is an expert who speaks from experience, as well as years of her own personal and professional development. For over  22  years, she has helped agencies grow and manage their business, improve client service and relationships, and also enhanced staff performance. 


Brandie exploits her profound business knowledge to motivate, educate and encourage companies to achieve a higher level of success – professionally and personally. Brandie aligns leaders with the vision and future of their organization, supports them in executing key strategies and tactics to move forward initiatives.


Brandie provides business training that develops realistic, elegant and resilient leaders who deliver results. Brandie has provided training and consulting services to organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries for more than 22 years. She is also an expert in individual training and team training. She has extensive experience working with telecommunications, merchant processing, small business services, and energy companies. 


As a sales leader and manager, Brandie has supported regional, national and international organizations with processes and approaches to create and implement their vision and values. She collaborated with these organizations to develop and implement a system for leadership development, selecting and managing the effect of integrating common language and expectations.


  • Founding member of the League of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
  • Vistage CEO Member
  • 2017 Best Self Magazine over 40 and Fabulous Winner, featured in Georgia Grown Magazine.
  • Adult Volunteer for the Buckhead 4-H Club at the Atlanta History Center, Project Open Hand, Georgia 4-H Gala.
  • President of AGI Atlanta, Host Committee for Captain Planet and Chair of the 2013 Georgia 4-H Gala
  • Women of UGA Alumni Board Member
  • VP of Development for Georgia 4-H Foundation


Brandie education includes a BS in Agriculture Communications from the University of Georgia.


All that you need to know is… If you’ve worked with her, you’ve felt the weight lift. The mission, the plan, and the purpose becomes clear. Her methods are simple and yet penetrating.


Yanik studied Music at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.


She started her first company at age 22.


She has hired, trained, developed and managed high volume sales professionals and teams.


She has specialized in high volume sales recruitment.


Known for developing several sales training programs.
She is recognized for her ability to plan impactful company retreats.
Executives that she coaches increase their revenue by 218% on average. They experience about a 300% increase in employee retention.


One of her life’s gems is receiving random calls and messages from previous employees who thank her for the training and support that they received from her.