The Results

Business goes from strength to strength

After attending a well-organized workshop, we decided to completely renew our company, its name and create a new website, brand and distinctive company values. It was the “push” we needed to grow the company from strength to strength.


I approached this Agency because I wanted to define my brand since my company grew and established itself. The Aurora firm, Inc helped me by first talking about the existing clientele and where I wanted to continue the development of the company. We discussed possible ideas and design since the mark had to be applied to the liveries of minibusses and coaches, as well as the office clothes and effects of the company. They then left and provided several possible design ideas as a starting point. The ideas were all of a fabulous level. The difficult decision was to choose the one we liked the most. Finally, we reduce it to the design we have today.
-Michelle Banfield, AGI Atlanta


What impressed me most was the confidence they had in the whole process, it inspired me, knowing that the skills and professionalism of this coach were of the highest level and created a great benefit for my company. As a small entrepreneur, I thought that doing things that save money, but it was clearly very short-sighted and by using The Aurora Firm, Inc, I was able to use my time in the business a lot better. The experience for me was refreshing and I would be happy to repeat it whenever the need arises.
-Nichole Rogers, CEO of Corporate Concepts


“Overall, I thought that your coaching was great! I learned a ton and it gave me a unique perspective on how to run my business. I enjoyed that you were very detailed about everything and you were extremely prepared going into every call. I appreciate you giving me action items and vitals for the upcoming week along with the coach accountable program. I felt that our results were awesome, I know you kept track and had a trend of my weekly revenue and saw my progress. I can honestly say that I learned something new from every call we had. Wish you the best and hope to work with you in the future!”
-Lupe Martinez, CEO of AEY Global


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Yanik Williams for quite some time now in business, her professional coaching style has been a tremendous help to my business. If you like someone to sit down and help provide solutions to enhance your business then she would be your pick.”
-Terry Lynch CEO of T.L. Direct Acquisitions

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